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Face-to-face contact is the most powerful, and live-streaming is the next best choice. The sense of inclusion and interaction provided by live event video streaming services is difficult to reproduce through other means of communication.

Our public live-stream event service bundle includes an infinite number of viewers, making it suitable for any event looking to expand its reach.

We use Zoom, YouTube, and Facebook to broadcast either a prerecorded or live program.

All will participate in a live event if it is streamed live.

Ideal for public forums, webinars, and live events, public broadcasting allows the audience to interact with, post, and comment on your webcast..

We arrive at the location and determine the best location for the cameras and broadcast mixer. We will start the live stream and include your guests in the event once we are linked to the Internet. Furthermore, we assume that being able to link every occurrence to people everywhere in the world is the way of the future.

After The Event...

With our 28-day watch-again service, you can relive the event if you missed it the first time.

We can create a video for you to keep on DVD, Blu-ray, or a USB stick.

Virtual event live-streaming with green screen technology

A dedicated live-streaming department with a variety of streaming technologies to ensure that any online or hybrid event is well-attended and delivered to the same high quality as a live event.


A Techy Description

The following are the three most important considerations to consider when building an unforgettable experience for your remote visitors:

One camera vs. multiple cameras makes the experience even more engaging. Learn more about wedding live-streaming here. Watch the bride walk down the aisle and the groom's reaction. Furthermore, the use of close-ups in the film keeps the experience personal and helps audiences to relate more emotionally.

Audio created by professionals. It's important to have a DIRECT feed from the sound mixer or mic system to hold your guests' attention from start to finish. As long as the audio is loud and clear, your guests can stay connected!

A Strong Internet Connection Provides Reliability

Consistent and Reliable Internet Connection to eliminate buffering and maintain a high level of QUALITY. Where possible, use an Ethernet link rather than a wireless one to get a better experience.

We use load-balanced connections that are split between two SIM cards (from separate providers such as O2 and EE), wireless and wired connections, and a fail-safe fall over to ensure that the streaming link remains stable.


Streaming Watch At Home Service

Client Testimonials

Thank you for your services on Monday the family were very please with the live-streaming.
Hopefully work with you again soon.
G Peachey & Son's
Thank you for your professional set up & services, the family were very please with the live stream & the titled video you produced
T. Stanhope Funerals

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